28 Dec 2015

A Mild Winter's Morning in Richmond Park

I'm making the most of borrowing a neighbour's car for the next few weeks by nipping down to Richmond Park when I get the chance. I went last week when there were possibly northern lights visible over London (of course not!), and again this morning - the first nice day for a while. I didn't get up quite early enough (bed too late again), so only got the park as the sun was rising, just after 8am. I had a good wander through some woods, hoping to get some nice rays through the trees, but it didn't quite work, although the light was still quite nice when it finally poured onto the trees and dried ferns.

I walked up a couple of hills past some awesome old trees, and passed a few people walking their dogs.

I got to a spot where the parakeets were extremely noisy, where I'd captured them before. As I shuffled along the path I suddenly realised that I was next to a number of stag deer, many eyes upon me suspiciously (they were pretty well camouflaged in the dried ferns and undergrowth).

By the time I left the park was teeming with cyclists, dog-walkers, joggers and cars - everyone wanting to enjoy the park's loveliness on yet another ridiculously mild winter's day.

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