2 Dec 2015

30 Day Photo Challenge 2015 - Week 1

It's that time of year again - I saw a #30dayphotochallenge tweet and I've mentally signed myself up for it! It's going to be a lot tougher this year, as I now have a day-job to occupy most of my time (so I'll be taking the DSLR into work and nipping out at lunchtime in search of inspiration...). If there are any repeated themes with last year, I'll try to find a different angle...

Day 7 - O is for...
... Objet D'Art. I went for a wander at lunchtime today, trying to find something o-like that inspired me. And then I walked around St. Paul's Cathedral and saw this wonderful sculpture that I've never noticed before. The sun had just come out on the cathedral behind me, but recent raindrops were still present on the metal. The objet d'art is called Amicale, by the late Paul Mount.

Tomorrow's subject is Laughter, and time for a new week and new blog. Hopefully I'll feel the photography love a bit more during the next week.

Day 6 - Memories
I thought that walking down the King's Road this morning on my way to work would jog a few memories, and then I remembered a pretty important one - the place I got married. I always loved the steps of Chelsea Old Town Hall and for years walked past thinking that if I ever got married, it would be there. And so I did, just over five years ago. Great memories of one of the most fantastic days ever :)

Day 5 - I'm Not Crazy
The only thing I could think of for this was to photograph one of the things I have collected over the years. There were two choices - matches or cowrie shells. I decided to photograph my match collection, which I started back in the early '90s. Sadly bars and restaurants don't seem to give out matches any more so the collection is grinding to a halt (and diminishing, as I use them too). My hubby helped me sort them into similar sizes and we removed duplicates, laid them out on the coffee table and then I balanced the tripod on two feet against the side of the table so that the camera was roughly over the middle of the table. I decided to try a different lens but ended up having a little accident, with the camera toppling over and the 24-70mm lens hitting the side of the table, slightly denting the top of the lens (so now I can't screw in a filter to it). Now I'm definitely a little crazy -grrrrr!

Day 4 - Natural Light
Obviously it's a drab, grey day for this, so the amount of natural light was limited. Choice of subject was between the hubby and the dog. I chose the dog. He's not very good at posing, unless there is a treat promised, so most shots of him have a slight drool present! The main challenge, however, is that he has quite a big beak, so a shallow depth of field, which is useful in limited light conditions, renders his nose completely blurred. I compromised by yanking up the ISO (to 3200) and increasing the f-stop to f/8. He's also a complete scruff-bag at the moment.

Day 3 - Landscape
Seemed like an easy subject, but not when the only time you're out in daylight during the day is on your walk to work and your camera's actually locked away in the office. I was busy at lunchtime (taking portrait photos for charity), so the only chance I had was after work. I headed up to the roof at One New Change to get a view of the urban landscape of London, but without tripod the options were limited. I managed to prop the camera on a ledge, but again was not greatly happy with my shot for the day. Some views of the City show what a mish-mash of buildings there is.

Day 2 - Dreams
Seriously, how do you depict "dreams" in a photo? Especially when you're busy in the office all day and it's dark on the way to and from work? I took my camera to work, hoping to escape from the office to capture something "dreamlike" at lunchtime, but it didn't happen. Then I remembered that I was going out in the evening, walking past a certain bed-shop. So, a literal interpretation, rather than something meaningful and cool.... I'll try harder tomorrow.

Day 1 - Self-Portrait
As per last year, the first subject is the self-portrait (not a "selfie") - always a good challenge to start with. I was working from home today, so in a break I set my tripod up and tried to work out the focus distance, in order to get my eyes in focus, and take the shot using a remote trigger. Taking a self-portrait is actually quite hard, especially if you use back-button focusing. I took a few, but looked pretty dreadful in all of them (after an indulgent Thanksgiving weekend I'm not looking my best). Eventually I decided on a profile shot, showing off my Roman nose in its full glory - a view that's less familiar to me.

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