9 Dec 2015

30 Day Photo Challenge 2015 - Week 2

Week 2 of the #30dayPhotoChallenge...

Day 14 - Wanderlust
My plan to get a shot in daylight today backfired after an officious security guard stopped me from taking a photo in Liverpool Street station (although it's barely the centre for people heading off to fulfil their wanderlust, more just City workers busy getting lunch). So it was back home to take another photo inside. I've been a subscriber to the Wanderlust travel magazine for as long as I can remember, so got a stack of them off a shelf. Antarctica, South America, Northern Lights, China, Mexico, etc... Happy memories.

So tomorrow is the start of Week 3 and therefore time for a new blog. Hopefully the inspiration I still haven't found will come. Tomorrow's subject is "Internet in Real Life", whatever that means...

Day 13 - Friends
I didn't have a chance to get any friend-related shots at work today and besides, people at work aren't really friends. So I then had a brainwave - a little packet of throat-soothing goodies always lies at the bottom of my handbag - Fisherman's Friends. I really ought to get commission from them as I'm always introducing new people to them! Anyway, here they are, larger than life.

Day 12 - Would I eat this?
Well the answer is yes! I wouldn't normally have picked out a bright orange, rock hard cheese, but I thought I'd give it a go. It's actually quite good (and is called Mimolette - aged for 18 months).

Day 11 - Love
Love is...

Day 10 - Portrait
This is my friend Georgina. Had a lovely Christmas lunch yesterday with what's called "Dog Club" - a group of friends I made a few years ago when I first got my puppy. We used to meet in the local park every day and our dogs would play and potter about and we'd chat. Now I have a full time job I rarely see them, so it's lovely to meet up with them.

Day 9 - Opposites
Not as easy as I thought, but I decided to get my lightbox, macro & extension rings and miniatures out for this one. My interpretation of heads and tails.

Day 8 - Laughter
Hard subject when you're at work all day. So, it's a photo of hubby - trying to make him laugh. This is his "laughing at me" face. I need an easier subject!

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