23 Dec 2015

30 Day Photo Challenge - Week 4

Still just about managing to take a photo each day for my #30dayphotochallenge - last 10 days!

Day 30 - This Year
Well the challenge is over. I didn't particularly enjoy it, and didn't really get any great shots, but I did it. This Year... well, better than last, but was somewhat overtaken by the fact that I started a day job during the middle of the year, so not as much photography time as I'd have liked. I thought it was only fitting to take a picture of my office, with a little OTT monochrome processing. My office is the one at the top of the shot, as if you'd ever be able to find it from this! Now it's time to have some fun with some friends, camera-free. Until next year...

Day 29 - Time Travel
I had thought of getting off the Tube at Earl's Court to photograph the Tardis that sits outside the station, or photographing the time capsule in Canary Wharf, but neither of those was practical. Instead, I went back in time to a place I used to drink over twenty years ago when I first started working in London - the Princess Louise on High Holborn. It still feels the same with all its little rooms and intricate decorations. So, not really time travel, but it felt a bit like travelling back in time. Here is my lovely hubby, processed to make the shot look a bit old. This would actually have been a better shot for yesterday's topic of candid. Ho hum.

Day 28 - Candid Photo
I didn't actually go out today, until the evening when I met a friend for dinner, as I was working from home. This made the whole candid photo subject a little tricky.

At lunchtime I noticed a woman sitting on the bench opposite my house having a cigarette and reading the paper. I didn't get a particularly interesting shot, but it was the best I could do from the inside of my house!

Day 27 - Feel Good
It felt good to wake up early this morning and head down to Richmond Park (again) in my borrowed car, on the first day of nice weather in almost a week. As it got later more and more people arrived, running, walking their dogs, photographing the deer, cycling. I stopped to look up at some parakeets and then felt a number of eyes on me - the older deer were lying camouflaged in the dried ferns, and they were all checking me out. I particularly liked this one with his antlers covered in ferns.

Tomorrow - Candid Photo

Day 26 - Absolutely Anything
Boys in the Woods. The highlight of my day was a very muddy, squelchy walk in the lovely woods down the road from my parents' house with my boys. It was so mild we were walking in t-shirts! The dog was in much need of a bath when we got home...

Day 25 - I Woke Up Like This
Just woke up Henry to take today's snap. Sometimes when he's been asleep his face is slightly squished to one side.

Day 24 - Christmas
Delicious lunch made by my sister, mum and aunt. Stuffed now!

Day 23 - Out of Context
If I gave any description of this photo, it would give it some context, so I will give no explanation...

Day 22 - Green
I love the plane trees in London, and in the sun they often look pretty green. Their bark is special in that it comes off, protecting the tree from the pollution - which is why they thrive on London's busy streets. Most are probably over a hundred years old, having been planted in the 19th Century, apparently.

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