26 Jul 2012

Torch Relay 2012 at Fulham Broadway

Popped up to Fulham Broadway earlier with the hubby and puppy to watch Lawrence Dallaglio take the torch past. Was a great atmosphere and a really nice spectacle (although a little too much sponsor-advertising).
Here's a few shots from our little trip:
All dolled up for the occasion...

Lots of sponsor trucks preceded the torch itself.

20 Jul 2012

New Cocker Spaniel Puppy

I've been meaning to publish a blog on my recent trip to Antwerp (to visit the BierPassie beer festival) and also to write a bit about a recent evening at the White Horse pub in Parsons Green - "Pork Life", another food-pairing event held as part of the annual American Beer Festival.

But I've been a bit waylaid. This is the reason why: I have a new puppy! 
I spent the week before little Henry arrived turning the flat upside down, taking 10-15 years' worth of unworn clothes and other bits and bobs to the local Save the Children shop, vacuuming everywhere (not fun under the bed) and generally giving the place a good going over to prepare it for the new arrival. And since he's been here, well, it's a bit like having a new baby, I think - they require a lot of attention, and the moments when they're catching up on sleep are the moments when you, too, want to get a little nap. Or do other things, like cook, shower, clean, check up on the news, etc..

So here are a few photos of the new little man in my life. It is very difficult not to take dozens of photos every day! Sometimes he is very lovely indeed. Especially when he's sleeping.

He likes to sleep on his back; I think he looks like a little chicken.
Sometimes he is a right little monster, snapping away with those razor-sharp puppy teeth like a deranged lunatic, barking at me with puppy excitement.
 The rest of the time I spend taking him down and up the stairs to the area outside to try to toilet train him - an endless task, I think! Yesterday I taught him to sit. When he's not awake I've become a bit obsessed with taking macro photos of his nose - I just find its patterns absolutely fascinating! It's a bit dry here, as it usually is when he's asleep.

He also has amazingly long eyelashes.
I take him out and about in Parsons Green in my arms or in a bag (with his head peeking out the front) and get stopped every few minutes by people admiring him. He's already been to the White Horse for a pint (he slept through the whole thing)! Most people ask "what's her name?" - must be the eyelashes; he doesn't look very macho, that's for sure. He has very soft ears and the typical beautiful soulful spaniel eye.

He'll be out and about in a week's time, as he's having his jabs this afternoon. You then have to wait a week for them to take effect and then it's OUT time! I can't wait to parade him on his little blue lead through the streets of Parsons Green and let him meet some other dogs on ground level. There's a few I'll steer clear of, but very much looking forward to having a good play.