16 Dec 2015

30 Day Photo Challenge - Week 3

My #30dayPhotoChallenge is into week 3. It's not going well!

Day 21 - Brilliant
Well, last day of week 3 - brilliant. Wasn't the easiest, although not too hard when you're out for some Christmas drinks with great friends. This is my wonderful, gorgeous friend Mandy, with an Ancho chilli - who knows what tomorrow brings...

Day 20 - Childhood
I don't have all that many possessions from my childhood, but probably the oldest - and dearest - is my old teddy bear. He used to be called Ted, but somehow got renamed Bear along the way. He was from Habitat, and I got him for my 11th birthday; he was lovely and soft and his nose hairs were perfect. Now he's looking a bit old and shabby (his is pretty old) and lives in a cupboard :(

Tomorrow - Brilliant

Day 19 - Artificial Light
Thought I'd use the 40mm lens again, and candlelight as my source of artificial light. The subject-matter is my two bone scrimshaw figurines that we bought in Greenland a few years ago, with some black clothes as the backdrop.

Day 18 - Worth a 1000 Words
I could probably write down at least 1000 words to explain just how damned gorgeous this little chap is! Or a 1000 words to explain that look. The shot was taken on my new 40mm pancake lens - early Christmas pressie from hubby! It's so light and tiny and so far I love it - will make carrying the camera around next week while I'm still at work a lot easier.

Day 17 - Mother Nature
One of the things I love about London (and there's lots) is the trees. Wherever you go there are trees, even in the middle of the City. I went for a little wander at lunchtime to Finsbury Circus, where I used to work a few years ago. In the middle there used to be a bowling green; now it's a CrossRail building site. But the enormous London plane trees are still there, looking wonderful even with most of their leaves gone. It was so grey that the photo looks black & white, but it's not. I wish I'd had my wide angle lens with me.

Day 16 - Star Wars
Not a fan. Not remotely interested. Christmas work lunch at lunch-time and Christmas party in the evening so no chance of photos. So, a rubbish one from the walk to work taken on the rubbish old iPhone 4S, seen in the window of a launderette on the King's Road.

Day 15 - Internet in Real Life
I was completely stumped by this topic. I even Googled it for ideas, but found nothing other than a weird Wikipedia page explaining that "in real life" is a term used to contrast with one's internet life, which presumably isn't real. All a bit odd! I guess I do have some internet friends who I've never met in real life, but I couldn't conjure any of them up for the purpose of the photo today. So I just took a photo of something I'd been meaning to for a while - a cool view that I see when I get my lunch each day. One day I'll go back with the tripod and do a long exposure with clouds moving across the sky above when the light's not so dull and overcast. Anyway, it was in real life, and now it's on the internet, so does that count?


  1. Hi Sophie - enjoying your 30 Day Challenge immensely - all your photos are great, even if you don't think so. You have a wonderful eye for detail.

    PS Henry does SO need a haircut!

    Pip xxx

    1. Thanks Pip! It's been hard to find inspiration and now I have a full time job so less time. Henry will get a bit of a spruce up before Christmas. Will no doubt post more photos. Have a great Christmas. xx