31 Dec 2016

A Few of My Favourite Photographs from 2016

The year started appallingly badly, with the death of my childhood hero, David Bowie, and sadly failed to improve much after that. I managed a few good trips - to Iceland (x 2), Brussels, Oregon and Wales, but otherwise it was a pretty dreadful year. The day-job has taken up way too much time, so not many pictures of my home town London, although a 30 Day Photo Challenge in the last month has got me taking my camera out again (and I've been experimenting with some creative post-processing as a result).

Instead of the usual chronological photographic highlights from the year I'm just going to post a few that I like - happy moments during the year, in no particular order.

"Penguins" - detail from icebergs on Jökulsárlon Beach, South-East Iceland - my favourite image this year
Me at Stórurð, East Iceland - possibly the best day-hike in the world. I was blown away (and not, for once, by the Icelandic wind!); it was really that green!
Playing around with inversion - this is one of the Lily Ponds at Bosherston, Pembrokeshire

The incredibly cool geology of the Painted Hills in Oregon. Shame the light wasn't a little better and the drive there a little shorter :(
A little tidal pool on Cannon Beach, Oregon at sunrise - I loved the simple composition

Me, at the incredible Aldeyjarfoss, Northern Iceland, experiencing bliss!

Yup, more icebergs on Jökulsárlon Beach - the icebergs were disappointing on this visit (very few of them), but I liked this one
Reflections of sunset along the River Thames - the sky was on fire!
The incredible Litlanesfoss in East Iceland - definitely another of my favourite spots this year
Playing around with black and white conversion - plane trees in South Park, Fulham. I like the eerie feel to this one
Dettifoss, North Iceland - the most tremendous waterfall! (and actually the most volume of water in a waterfall in Europe)
A cobbled alleyway in Brussels at sunset in late March
Yet another awesome display of northern lights in Iceland - had to drive over 120km to get to clear skies (and back), but it was worth the effort

A jellyfish seen on a whale-watching trip from Husavík, Northern Iceland. I love the repeated circle patterns (better than any of my whale shots too!)

Couldn't have a set of photos from the year without one of my adorable cocker spaniel, Henry (and his 3 inch eyelashes)

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