31 Dec 2016

30 Day Photo Challenge - 2017

So, this year's 30 day photo challenge is finally over! It's amazing how much effort it requires to take just one photo - on a particular topic (not chosen by me) - each day, for a month. Not helped by the lack of daylight hours in December, plus having a full-time job, lots of pre-Christmas socialising and deciding to take all of the shots using a 50mm lens, cropped square and converted to black and white.

But I managed it, and took a shot on that lens and processed with those criteria every day before midnight (a couple were posted late). Along the way I discovered a few new subjects that I like (the Edison bulb) as well as playing around with some new editing techniques (including inversion, not covered here). I did cheat a little, using an extension tube on the lens to get some macro shots (eg the kiwi fruit). Still the same lens though - the amazing Canon 50mm f/1.2.

So here they are! My favourites are days 18, 20, 26 and 29.

Day 1 - Self-Portrait

Featuring me!

Day 2 - Landscape

Featuring Wandsworth Park

Day 3 - Friends

Featuring Jeff & Dan

Day 4 - Natural Light

Featuring Henry & his eyelashes

Day 5 - Reflection

Featuring the Gherkin

Day 6 - Nostalgia

Featuring the steps of Chelsea Old Town Hall

Day 7 - The Small Joys

Featuring my lovely new Orr Kula earrings

Day 8 - Black & White

Featuring Prudent Passage

Day 9 - Shapes

Featuring London Plane Trees

Day 10 - Portrait

Featuring Hubby

Day 11 - Mother Nature

Featuring London Plane Trees (again)

Day 12 - Childhood

Featuring Petit Bateau, King's Road

Day 13 - Hands

Featuring my hands

Day 14 - Something Old

Featuring Guildhall

Day 15 - K is For

Featuring a slice of Kiwi Fruit

Day 16 - Worth 1000 Words

Featuring a rather pissed-off Henry

Day 17 - Looking Down

Featuring my MacBook Pro

Day 18 - Artificial Light

Featuring the Edison Bulb

Day 19 - Silhouette

Featuring Royal Avenue, Chelsea

Day 20 - Patterns

Featuring De Cecco spiral pasta

Day 21 - Inside My Bag

Featuring the contents of my handbag

Day 22 - Love

Featuring the Edison bulb (again)

Day 23 - Close Up

Featuring my other new Orr purchase, Laus

Day 24 - Christmas

Featuring my Mother's Christmas Tree

Day 25 - Tranquility

Featuring Aldbury, in the Chilterns

Day 26 - The Best

Featuring Lane Woods, Little Chalfont

Day 27 - Absolutely Anything

Featuring the view from my window (more plane trees!)

Day 28 - Feel Good

Featuring a light low freezing fog on Eel Brook Common

Day 29 - Candid Photo

Featuring me again

Day 30 - This Year

Featuring my post on 11th Jan, on learning of David Bowie's death

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