31 Jul 2018

Iceland #14 - The Flight Home

My flight home from Iceland was a dream! I dropped the car off with no damage (hurray!), which is always a massive relief after a winter drive - especially one with conditions like I'd had the previous day and as I'd had to change the flights at the last minute, the only BA one I'd been able to get was on Avios in business class and it was wonderful. I had a wonderful view of both sides of the plane (free seats on both sides), delicious food and booze, and the views as I left both Iceland and arrived in London were stunning. There's nothing quite like flying home to your home city in glorious golden hour light, seeing a whole host of its treasures from the air. A perfect end to another incredible trip to Iceland. Here is a photographic version of my journey:

The village of Hafnir in the distance
The road from Grindavík

The Blue Lagoon, with Grindavík in the distance
Windy road along the south coast of the Reykjanes Peninsula
Reykjavik in the afternoon sun
The Hellisheiði Power Station
The Hellisheiði pass down to Hveragerði - doesn't look as steep from above
Selfoss, with the Route 35 heading off into the Golden Circle
River Þjórsá
The little town of Hella
The striking mountain of Þríhyrningur (Three Peaks Mountain)

The peaks of infamous Eyjafjallajökull above its snow-covered top
A river meandering off towards Þorsmörk

Snow on Myrdalsjökull

More snow on Myrdalsjökull
The hill on the bottom right is Skálarfjall, just east of Vík
The ring road crossing the Myrdalssandur

The south coast at Kudafljót

Last glimpse of Iceland - the top of Vatnajökull

Awesome cloud shadows

And an awesome cloud!

More awesome clouds over the North Atlantic Ocean - the Faroe Islands are somewhere down there!
More cool cloud shadows
I seem to be seeing more and more other planes in the sky these days when I'm flying...

Cloud shadows over Scotland

Getting a bit sunset-y as we approach London and stack

More lovely clouds and light as we stack for Heathrow

The Chiltern Hills, seen while stacking
Flying over my parents' house in Little Chalfont!!

And finally we make our descent - first heading east north of the Thames

And how glorious the River Thames looks, snaking off towards the sunset
Not easy shooting into the sun from a plane window with a big zoom lens...
The City of London
Flying over the office in Canary Wharf!

And turning to the south for a different view - Tower Bridge the first bridge visible

Oh London!

Yup, my home town is awesome :)

And finally we're off to Heathrow
A little view of the Natural History Museum, The Royal Albert Hall and Kensington Gardens

The Sky Campus - photos between Kensington and there were sadly blurred by engine guff

And last but not least, a final view of Wembley Stadium before landing.

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