20 Sep 2015


Meatopia: meat, drink, fire, music.

So hubby dragged me (happily) to another meaty food festival; this time to Meatopia. It was another gorgeous sunny day in the great setting of Tobacco Dock in Wapping. It was very different from Brisketfest, far bigger and far more vendors offering a huge array of different meats and cuts. We bought some tokens and met up with some friends who had arrived earlier and were already tucking in. Having to buy tokens for portions was a much more sensible idea than having 10 portions included, so we managed to keep the intake levels at a more comfortable level than at Brisketfest!

We wandered round and found our first dishes - some poussin cooked in a Thai-style sauce. It wasn't bad, but extremely messy to eat, as was pretty much everything.

After we scoffed it down (we were extremely hungry) we found some pulled pork which we shared. Large parts of cooked pigs sat on shelves and people buzzed around taking photos.

By this stage we were ready for a beer, so I headed off to one of the bars and hubby queued up for some duck wings from the Duck & Waffle stand. We headed back to the table to enjoy the food in the sun. The duck was actually the most disappointing dish we tried, with very little meat and just not that much flavour (especially disappointing since we'd had a truly delicious meal at the restaurant a couple of years earlier).

We then headed inside to try a few more dishes, including the most exquisite Hawksmoor beef and some lamb that had been brined in coffee for 12 hours.

Last but not least was Beau Myers, serving small burger buns crammed full of beef, melted cheese, some creamy sauce, and rather oddly, crushed spicy Monster Munches. It was very, very tasty, and I wished that I'd had two of those rather than the pork and duck!

(the Monster Munches!!) 

Apart from stuffing our faces, the rest of the day was spent wandering around a bit and sitting in the sunshine (I had to go inside after a while as it was too hot). There was lots going on apart from the stalls, with singers, DJs, a big band, a knife raffle, as well as various talks and demos.

We didn't manage to try all that many dishes, in the end, but went home feeling relatively normal and not as if we going to explode. Might try to be a bit more focused and planned on what to eat before going again.  

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