25 May 2015

Chelsea Football Club Champions Parade 2015

Another year, another piece of silverware for Chelsea Football Club and therefore another Victory parade....

As is my tradition now, I headed outside to capture some of the fans and team during the parade to celebrate Chelsea winning this year's Premier League. There were lots of families out and about enjoying the day, lots of celery being thrown, lots of beer being drunk, and a happy, celebratory atmosphere. The crowds grew as the time for the bus to arrive neared, with a TV helicopter circling above. A few other people were there to take photos, but most people were blue-adorned fans.


Eventually the bus came into view around the bend in the King's Road before it came to a standstill at Eel Brook Common for a while. I was further along the New King's Road, and chatted to a Chelsea fan who'd come from Essex with her daughter to watch the parade. As the bus finally moved towards us, the flag of a fan in front of us blocked the view until it had almost reached us - very annoying! I snapped a few shots, and just managed to see John Terry and a couple of others at the front of the bus, but the bus passed by quickly.  No sign of Jose or Roman this year - they must've been on the other side of the bus.

Behind the buses a brass band followed, before the crowds poured onto the streets, following the bus as it headed to Parsons Green.

I headed home for a bit, but returned when the crowds began to clear, and was rather aghast at the mess that had been left. Shreds of celery were everywhere, and the pavements and common were littered with empty beer cans, bottles and other rubbish. Some children played football, while other kids stood in the road throwing celery at each other. A couple of hours later I took the dog out and most of the mess had been cleared up, most of the fans had returned home, and cars poured along the road as if nothing had happened. Until the next time....

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