10 Dec 2014

30 Day Photo Challenge - Week 3

My 30 day photo challenge, inspired by Photocritic, is now at the end of week 3. I'm still going...

Day 21 - I Feel...
I feel lots of rather negative things today. Uninspired, directionless, a bit flat. I also felt like playing around with a bit of photoshop, so here's what I came up with (another self-portrait), which captures how I feel...

Tomorrow's subject is "B is for...".

Day 20 - I See...
Back in London, and today's photo challenge subject is "I See...". This is a fairly wide open subject, and I hadn't quite decided what to do until I noticed the dog looking out of the window. He used to do it all the time, but only occasionally now. He puts his front paws on the back of the sofa, and from there he can just look out onto the dog exercise area and road opposite the flat. Who knows what he actually sees though...

Day 19 - Size

On the way back from our weekend away in Ipswich today we passed a massive half-built structure along the harbourside, that I captured for today's subject - size. We stayed there in 2011 too and it was in the same state then. A bit sad!

Day 18 - Candid Photo

This isn't too hard, as I'm surrounded by a large group of people and no-one seems to notice me taking photos any more. This is Yoav and baby Sofia.

Day 17 - Aftermath

I'm a day late! Ooops. Well, I'm at a weekend Christmas party in a lovely old coaching inn in Ipswich and was hoping to take a picture of "aftermath" just before midnight. Of course I forgot, so I've taken it this morning instead. Don't know where the rest of the bottles are, as there was definitely more consumed!

Day 16 - Silhouette

Yesterday's photo almost qualifies for this subject. Today's is not dissimilar, with the London plane trees silhouetted against the sky. There were lots of pretty pink clouds in this morning's sky. I couldn't decide which photo I liked so decided on a triptych.

Day 15 - 4pm
I had a choice here - either something dog-related or sky-related. At 4pm the dog gets his dinner, and just before 4pm, the sun sets. I decided on the latter - not wanting to include too many easy dog-related shots, so went outside to the lovely Eel Brook Common to see what the afternoon skies were presenting me with. Unfortunately there was no dramatic sunset, in spite of a glorious sunny day, so I had to be happy with a pleasant but very vague glow from the earth's shadow to the east.

I thought I'd add an interesting little fact for the day that not many people seem to be aware of... 

Today's sunset in Parsons Green, London was at 3.52pm. Tomorrow it will be at its earliest of 3.51pm and again at that time for the next three days. On the 15th December, it's back to being at 3.52pm and from then on it will be later and later until its latest on June 24th (on June 26th it starts getting darker earlier again). 

As for the mornings, sunrise is later and later each morning until December 28th (with the latest sunrise at 8.06am) where it stays for a few days, until January 3rd when it starts getting light earlier in the morning again (this goes on until June 12th when sunrise is at 4.43am and lasts until June 23rd, after which day it starts getting light later again).

My point? Well, everyone assumes that it'll start staying light later in the evening after December 21st - the winter solstice, but this isn't the case. That is the shortest day and the day on which the sun is lowest in the sky, but the evenings have been getting lighter for a week before it, and it's still getting darker in the mornings for another week after it.

So now you know.

Tomorrow's challenge is "silhouette".

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