12 Nov 2014

A Few Shots of London SW6 for Bleeding London Project

A few months ago I found out about an ambitious project called Bleeding London, run by the Royal Photographic Society. It's aim was to get photographic documentation of each of 15,000 streets in London! I signed up. For various reasons I did nothing for the project over the summer, ignoring the odd email update, but a couple of weeks ago I joined in. They were well behind their initial target and desperately needed more photographs from all over the city.

I asked for the list of streets in SW6, my (rather large) neighbourhood, and then spent time planning routes, exploring new and old streets, downloading and uploading photos, and updating my spreadsheet to see which streets were still outstanding. A couple I couldn't find - unknown alleyways and lodges. Some of the places I went were a little outside my "comfort zone" - wandering around large housing estates with my camera equipment always gets the heart beating a little faster. For the most part, though, I wandered along street after street of pretty Victorian terraces, past the huts, skips and scaffolding of endless home expansion projects. I discovered alleys and pavements and terraces. Other than a bit of building work and the school runs, though, not a lot goes on in the backstreets of Fulham and Parsons Green during the day!

Here's a selection of the photos I've taken.



For more information on the project, please have a look at their website or follow them on Twitter

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