1 Jun 2014

Celebrating 90 Years at Warr's Harley-Davidson

I don't know anything about the world of Harley-Davidson motorbikes. I do recognise them, and can certainly hear them as a few motor along the New Kings Road each Sunday morning. This morning the noise seemed a little louder and more frequent than usual (pretty constant, in fact, from about 10.30am), and I remembered that I'd read that it was the 90th anniversary of the local Harley-Davidson dealership - Warr's. So I wandered out to see what was going on, with the hubby and dog (who fortunately doesn't mind loud noises!). There must have been a couple of hundred bikes parked along the surrounding streets, and a few driving around, so I got my camera out and tried to capture a slice of this strange world and those that live within it. The detail on some of the bikes was incredible - the passion certainly shows through... Here's a selection of what I saw today.

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  1. Thats such a cool looking bike on the front page
    Cos it's mine