12 Mar 2014

The Kiss

Every now and again I look through some old photographs and suddenly notice some that I've forgotten, but which bring back happy memories when I look at them again. Here is one:

I recently looked at some photographs that I took in Brussels last year, on the annual beer-trip my husband and I take to Belgium. We found a wonderful bar (Moeder Lambic Fontainas - there are two, but this is the central one) and settled ourselves down to sampling some lovely Belgian ales.

The sun was setting slowly and the light pouring into the bar was beautiful. My husband was happy (drinking the beers) and I was happy (taking photos (and drinking the beers)). A couple came in and sat across from us. They probably didn't even notice me, with my huge camera pointing out towards them; they were in love, totally caught up in each other. The pictures I took make me smile when I look at them, as they were clearly totally entranced with each other. I felt as if I was interrupting a moment, but they were oblivious to me and my camera; they had eyes only for each other. His smile says it all, I think...

Even without the couple I still really liked the bar, with the delicious beer (served with small pots of barley), the repeated booths and chairs and the early evening light pouring through the huge windows. From time to time the barman would head outside with a tray laden with golden beers. I captured a couple of shots of this and thought it would be a perfect shot to try out colour-popping with in post-processing.  I'm not too keen on the effect usually (seen far too many red buses or telephone boxes against black-and-white London scenes), but I think this worked.

Looking forward to another trip this summer, although not sure where this time...

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