1 Jan 2014

My Favourite Photographic Moments of 2013

Outside it's been raining all day; a lovely start to 2014! What better way to spend the day than compiling a selection of photos that I took in 2013, as I did for 2012. Again travel was a bit limited, but we still managed to get a few trips away, with and without the dog. Here's some of my favourites, in roughly chronological order.



Austin, Texas


Cornwall & Devon

New York City

As well as trips away I also headed out to Little Chalfont a few times where my parents live, and captured some shots of the lovely fields and woods nearby during the different seasons.

And obviously a few shots were taken of Henry, our adorable blue roan cocker spaniel. Not as many as when he was a puppy, but still a few...
There are other dogs in my life too, and I spent a good few months photographing the local dog population. Here are some of Henry's friends!

I haven't taken that many photos of friends and family this year (including a narcissistic self-portrait!), but here's a couple I like.

And last, but definitely not least, some images of my wonderful home town, London.

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