12 Jul 2013

New Look Website With PhotoShelter's Beam Platform!

After a couple of weeks of testing and feeding back lots and lots of comments about bugs, concerns and potential improvements, the new look website platform, Beam, designed by my web-provider PhotoShelter, is now up-and-running. I've updated my website as I think it was time for a little make-over.

There are four templates to choose from, so I may experiment a bit with a few and switch back between them over the next few weeks until I decide which one I like the best. The current one is Marquee; the others available allow you show a handful of work on the front page, but so far I think I prefer this one.

PhotoShelter's still working on a few bugs and suggestions; it's not looking great on the iPhone yet, for example, so try it out on a laptop, desktop or iPad - should look like this!

Any feedback greatly appreciated. You can get to the site here.

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