10 Apr 2013

Inspired by Iceland... "Iceland is my Just Can't Get Enough Land"

I've now been to Iceland five times, so I would say that I am "Inspired by Iceland"! And it appears that I'm not alone...

The website of all-things-Icelandic www.inspiredbyiceland.com has been running a competition since August last year, asking people to contribute their suggestions to fill in the blank in this sentence: "Iceland is my _ _ _ _ Land" - with answers ranging from "Adventure Land" to "Endless Night Land" to "Awesome Jumper Land". Have a look at one of these stories here. They are currently counting down the 10 most popular. More photos, stories, and info can be found on their Facebook Page.

And my answer? It's a tricky one, as there's so much that I love about the place, as I hope my photos and blogs of late have illustrated. I guess as I keep going back it really has to be "Iceland is my Just Can't Get Enough Land" - it doesn't really roll off the tongue, but I really can't get enough!

And I've only just scratched the surface...

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