14 May 2012

10% off moo.com Business Cards

I've just ordered some new business cards on www.moo.com and they've kindly given me a referral discount for others to benefit from - so if anyone's interested, please press here for your 10% discount off your first order.

And thanks to Andy Kinsey for his referral and review of the cards. I'll be adding mine when they arrive shortly.

16/05/12 Update:
I paid extra for rushed printing and DHL delivery and they came at lunchtime today (having placed the order two evenings ago). So, impressed with the speed of delivery. As for quality, I'm pretty impressed with that, too. The colours are a bit off on a couple of them, and fingernail scratches show (I went for the "green" recycled ones), but generally very pleased - I'd definitely recommend them! It's great to be able to have them with all sorts of different designs on one side (great for photographers who want to show different types of work to different audiences).

Have a look here on my Facebook page.


  1. Hi Sophie. Unfortunately I have to agree with you regards the colour being 'off'. I just recently received a batch of cards from Moo, and on one shot in particular of the Sahara Desert, there is quite a strong green colour on the sand dunes, which was certainly not there in the original image. I guess that's the downside of a very user friendly, flexible, and quick service.

  2. I guess the colours on the photos I selected were generally pretty muted - the one where it was noticeably bad was of a woman - her skin came out a bit orangey!