9 Jan 2012

Walk to Work

Tried a couple of long exposure shots on the walk along the River Thames towards the City today, on my way to work. I had planned to walk the whole 6 miles, but my photography got a little bit in the way, so I had to get the tube from Westminster in order to get in in time. I quite like the results though. Camera was propped on top of (large - purpose-bought) handbag.
On The Way to Work, Chelsea Embankment

Morning Light, Chelsea Embankment
Will try again in the next few weeks (before I leave - have quit the day-job again!); hopefully the clouds wills be a bit more distinct and fast-moving. These were taken without ND filters (apart from a graduated one) - will get the black glass and remote out for some really long ones.

Oh, and the river looked quite nice over the weekend too, down by Chelsea Cloisters, a new development just west of Chelsea Harbour.
Battersea View at Sunset

After Sunset, The Thames at Battersea

I put some more photos on my flickr page.

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